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Here’s how this medical miracle became available for use in your own home in a low-cost video called

Say Goodbye to Back Pain

The methods in this video were developed by Hans Kraus, MD, the nation’s leading authority on back pain treatment and the father of what is now known as “sports medicine.”  Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Kraus introduced the sport of rock climbing to the U.S., was the physician for the U.S. Olympic ski team, and was the driving force behind President Eisenhower’s creation of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.

Dr. Kraus achieved great success with his most famous patient, President John F. Kennedy. In a rare television interview with Evelyn Lincoln, Kennedy’s personal secretary for over a decade, she revealed that by following Kraus’ system JFK could finally pick up his three year old son, John Jr.  

Kennedy’s cure was no fluke. In the largest study of back pain sufferers ever conducted, more than 85% of participants significantly reduced or eliminated their back pain in six weeks or less by following this program.

In the 1970s, Dr. Kraus donated his program to the YMCA, which began offering it as “The Y’s Way to a Healthy Back.” Under the direction of Alexander Melleby, M.S., the program eventually became available at hundreds of YMCA branches.

In 1985, Richard Boren, a Los Angeles businessman, found himself facing back surgery.  Like so many others, he had spent years in pain and thought he had tried everything.  Just two weeks before the scheduled surgery, a friend told him about the YMCA program. He checked with his local branch and found that a class was starting that very day. After just a week, Boren’s pain had eased and he cancelled the surgery.  A few weeks later the pain was gone. 

Mr. Boren realized that most people had no idea that the YMCA program existed, so he contacted Dr. Kraus and asked his permission to put it on video.  Kraus was enthusiastic about the project and gave it his blessing. 

The Y’s Way to a Healthy Back program was developed into a 96-minute video entitled Say Goodbye to Back Pain.  In the video format, it rapidly became the most successful and sought after video on back pain relief in America. Participants no longer needed to attend classes; rather these back pain sufferers could now complete the program in their home or at the office. At the request of many purchasers during the past few years, Say Goodbye to Back Pain was re-released in the DVD format in 2005 and now includes extensive menu choices which make it easy to access specific information and pertinent exercises.

The DVD version of Say Goodbye to Back Pain has been updated to include a 16-page Illustrated Exercise Guide and a personal score card known as the Kraus-Weber Scorecard to record fit progress.

Throughout the years, Say Goodbye to Back Pain has delivered on its promise to hundreds of thousands of back pain sufferers—and it can for you, too! Order today and you’ll receive our Free Illustrated Guide and Score Card immediately via email so you can get started getting the back pain relief you’re looking for—Right Now!!!

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