Affiliate Program

What is an “Authorized Affiliate” for Back Pain Resources, LLC?

An Authorized Affiliate for Back Pain Resources is a company or individual who earns commissions based on the sales from their referrals.

Who can become a Back Pain Resources Authorized Affiliate?
Any company that can refer web site visitors to us who may benefit from our products.  Secondarily, your products and services should be of interest to our typical customers. 

We are searching for companies or individuals that provide self-help videos (especially medical related topics) and/or back pain relief products or services.  We believe your products and services (if they fall into these categories) will be complementary to ours and provide a mutually beneficial referral opportunity. 

Will Back Pain Resources provide a link to our website?

Yes, we are very interested in bi-lateral linking.  Additionally, if you have a formal Affiliate Program, we would welcome the opportunity to review it for our potential participation.

As an Authorized Affiliate, are we required to purchase inventory from you?

No, the Affiliate is not required to place any minimum order nor purchase or maintain any inventory; but you will receive commissions on all transactions resulting from your referral efforts!

How do I learn more about this program?

If you are interested in reviewing the full details of our Affiliate Program and/or completing our Application Form, please Email Us today with a short description of your business and we will send you a login and password so you can retrieve the information packet and application.

This can be a very rewarding program!!!!…….why not Email Us right now for more information!


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