Over 500,000 people have successfully completed the YMCA’s “Y’s Way to a Healthy Back” Program with extraordinary results. Here is what just a few of those who purchased the video version, entitled Say Goodbye to Back Pain, have to say…

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers! (printable .pdf document)

***** Rescued me from a life on prescription painkillers!

Reviewer: Mark Bozicevich (Memphis, TN) 10/28/99

When I stumbled upon this video more than 10 years ago, I was
desperately seeking relief from the pain I had suffered for years from a
laminectomy on the 5th lumbar disc. I was caught in the vicious grip of
prescription painkillers. Although my surgeon was a good one, he didn't
have a clue when it came to rehabilitation. Within 6 weeks of starting
these exercises I was free of the painkillers! My strength and mobility are 
better today (age 48) than when I had the surgery (I celebrated my 30th 
birthday in the recovery room!). How disappointed I am that it is out of
production. PLEASE re-release this video so others can benefit from it as
I did.

***** Good Program

Reviewer: A viewer - (03/07/04)

This program of exercises for troublesome backs is great! There are several levels of difficulty; you can choose which level to do. The music is nice and relaxing, as is the narrator's voice. I wish it was available on DVD.

***** This tape will do for you exactly what it says it will do!                                    

Reviewer: Linda Sigrist, R.N.

As an RN and long time back pain sufferer and back surgery veteran I can't impress enough on my fellow sufferers the relief that this tape will bring you. You will think that something so easy and simple
couldn't possibly help you. But it WILL!! You will be pain free just as long as you do these exercises as directed. A small price to pay for 30 relaxing minutes out of your day!

***** Blessed Video

Reviewer: A viewer - (09/03/03) 

This video means so much to me and to all the people I know who have used it. It is sad that it is not available now to people who need it. Someone told me that the only place they could find it now is at Collage Video which has a catalog and an online store just for exercise videos. This video should be permanently available and should be in DVD now but I don't think it is. All I can say is this video is a lifesaver.

***** Used by my wife to relax and relieve back pain

Reviewer: A viewer (Dover, New Hampshire, USA) - (08/19/99)   

I echo the disappointment of another reviewer that this Video is not currently available. My wife has used the exercises presented on the Video for over 10 years to relax and relieve pain of the lumber and neck areas. I have tried before to get a copy, but couldn't locate one. Within three weeks her pain symptoms would disappear as she learn to relax with the exercises presented. I hope that the Video will be re-released so that others may benefit.

***** 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful: Video Tape

Reviewer: A viewer - (08/10/00)

Whereas this videotape is made available to individuals via the program's official website, it is being reintroduced through corporations and associations to ensure that each participant's progress is monitored through the first exercise level (three levels total). This is to ensure proper application in accordance with the original protocols established by the program's founder, Dr. Hans Kraus. It is recommended that individuals participate by encouraging their employers to book the program, for
optimum benefit.

***** Buy this video if you have back pain!!!

Reviewer: A viewer - (06/29/99)

I've been using this video for five years and my back has never been better. I had two surgeries for ruptured discs. After the second surgery I got this video and started doing the exercises. I wish someone had told me about it before my first surgery. The tape is divided into three exercise routines. They take 15, 20, and 30 minutes respectively and are for use when you are in pain (15 minutes), recovering from pain (20 minutes), or simply want to avoid pain (30 minutes). The exercises are
not strenuous ? in fact they are relaxing. However, if you are in pain, or your back feels weak,
these exercises will relieve your pain. I checked in because I wanted to buy a copy for a friend and was disappointed they weren't making it anymore. Tell the publisher they are foolish!!! This tape is simply

***** THE Back Pain Video

Reviewer: James W. Krehmke (Oregon) - 05/22/00

I am disappointed that this video is no longer available. It transformed me from state of constant pain to pain free. Nothing else comes close. I loaned it to a (former) friend, who never returned it. PLEASE bring it back!

***** There's Nothing Better

Reviewer: A viewer -(05/02/99)

This video is a MUST for back pain sufferers. The exercises and background information are extremely effective in reducing or eliminating back pain. I've worn out two copies of the tape, because keeping up on the exercises keeps the pain from coming back. So what does it take to get more
copies available???

***** Great Relief for Tension

Reviewer: Alethea Johnson, (Alaska) -01/28/00

I have checked this video out from the public library several times because it is the best therapy for back pain that I know of, besides massage. The narrator takes you through a series of easy motions, mostly floor exercises that alternately strengthen and stretch the muscles of your neck and
back. The narration is accompanied by soft music. I have a tendency to let tension accumulate in my neck and back until my head begins to throb. Even my jaw begins to ache from tight neck muscles. Doing these exercises gets me to relax, release tension, and bring my body back into balance. I usually notice an improvement right away. I highly recommend it to my friends and family.

***** A how to video that cures back pain for life.

Reviewer: A viewer - (12/07/98)

This video presents simple exercises to prevent back pain. The plan has been used in YMCA'S NATIONWIDE. I followed the instruction. It cured my back pain and my golf game improved. I am 76 years old. What more can you say?

***** A Miracle Worker

Reviewer: A viewer - (11/01/99)

Ditto the previous reviewer. I went from a near immobile state to an athletic condition using this video. I had tried traditional GPs, chiropractors, vitamin therapy, etc and was told by doctors that back
surgery was the only way to cure my chronic back pain. The simple exercises on this video cured my back problems in 6 weeks with most improvement coming the 2nd & 3rd weeks. That was 10 years ago. I loaned it to my uncle with the same results. Came here to buy one for a friend and disappointed that not avail.

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