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Say Goodbye to Back Pain
(96-minutes; DVD & VHS)
With this easy-to-follow six week program, you will…
  • Eliminate or reduce the back pain you’re having today
  • Learn how to prevent future problems
  • Discover the two causes of most back pain
  • Take six baseline tests to find your real problem area
  • Learn seven tips on pain prevention
  • Discover ways to reduce stress and tension

Say Goodbye to Back Pain is based upon the YMCA’s Healthy Back Program also known as The Y’s Way to a Healthy Back. The YMCA Program was created by Hans Kraus, MD., who is widely known as the father of sports medicine as well as President John F. Kennedy’s, Paul Newman’s, Angela Lansbury’s and Katherine Hepburn’s back doctor. His system and techniques are the basis of the Say Goodbye to Back Pain video program and have been helping hundreds of thousands of people achieve back pain relief for more than two decades.



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Here’s what’s included with your Purchase…

96-minute VHS Program


96-minute DVD Program





16-Page Illustrated Companion Guide for convenient reference

<- And also
- Kraus-Weber Scorecard to measure your fitness progress


From ordinary backaches to slipped discs…

Say Goodbye to Back Pain

is America’s #1 proven back pain relief system!


Unlike any other back pain relief program, Say Goodbye to Back Pain is the only program proven effective with the results backed-up with extensive university research studies. This program is the result of the pioneering work of Hans Kraus, M.D., creator of the exercise system presented by the YMCA as "The Y's Way to a Healthy Back." Dr. Kraus was President John F. Kennedy's back doctor and a recognized authority on low back pain, sports and rehabilitative medicine. The former National Director and Chief Instructor for the YMCA program, Alexander Melleby, M.S., guides you through the gentle and amazingly effective steps to better health.

Here’s what others are Saying…

"As an RN and long time back pain sufferer and back surgery veteran, I   can't impress enough on my fellow sufferers the relief that this tape   will bring you. You will think that something so easy and simple couldn't   possibly help you ... but it WILL!! You will be pain free just as long as   you do these exercises as directed. A small price to pay for 30 relaxing   minutes out of your day!"
Linda Sigrist, R.N. - Sturgis, Michigan

"This video ... is the best therapy for back pain that I know of, besides   massage. Doing these exercises gets me to relax, release tension, and   bring my body back into balance. I usually notice an improvement right   away. I highly recommend it."
Alethea Johnson - Ketchikan, Alaska

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Say Goodbye to Back Pain

You're not alone!

Did you know these facts about back pain?

  • 80% of America's population will, at some time, suffer from back pain.
  • Back Pain is the third most common cause of loss of work days, after headaches and the common cold.
  • Women are more likely than men to have restricted activity due to back pain.
  • Each year, Americans spend an estimated $24 billion on treatments for back pain.
  • Back Pain can last for a few short days or can linger for weeks, months and even years.



Because we’re so certain that Say Goodbye to Back Pain will work for you, as it has for so many hundreds of thousands of purchasers, we are eager to offer you our 90 day unconditional money-back guarantee! It’s just that simple—if, after faithfully following the instructions and exercises you don’t agree that your back pain has been significantly reduced or eliminated we will refund 100% of your purchase price and the 16-page Illustrated Guide is yours to keep, absolutely FREE. No questions asked!!!
     When you order now, you’ll instantly receive an email (eBook) of our 16 page Illustrated Exercise Guide so you can begin your program immediately and start feeling back pain relief TODAY!

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